Americans think people with chronic pain should suck it up

Americans think people with chronic pain should suck it up

People with Chronic Pain Should Suck it upA new health and medical poll shows that far more Americans are concerned about the abuse of painkillers than the chronic pain that forces people to seek relief through prescribed drugs.

Which is sort of weird since 63% of respondents to the Research!America poll said they know someone whose pain was extreme enough for them to seek prescription medication, yet only 18% believe chronic pain is a major health problem.

While prescription painkiller addiction is a real problem in this country, it’s interesting that chronic pain essentially is dismissed by more than 80% of respondents. Maybe some Americans actually have to be in chronic pain to believe it’s real. Everyone else is just a crybaby!

For a large percentage of elderly Americans, chronic pain is part of their daily lives, a byproduct of aging as the body’s various parts — particularly the joints — begin to wear out. Perhaps the poll respondents who dismiss chronic pain should advise old people to stop complaining or maybe just stop getting old!

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