FLEX CEUs: New Course

FLEX CEUs: New Course

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

This course reviews two articles that examine stage1 and stage II posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. The first article investigates differences in arch height, ankle muscle strength, and biomechanical factors in individuals with stage 1 dysfunction. The second article compares foot kinematics during a bi-lateral heel rise of individuals with stage II dysfunction to participants with normal medial longitudinal arches.

Aging and Healthy Eating After 50

This course explores the roles of genetics, immune function, and diet associated with aging. It is based on two articles published by the National Institute on Aging. Learn the connection between metabolic stress and free radicals, as well as calorie restriction and increased life span. Nutritional requirements specific to the aging population are covered, and tips for reading food labels and keeping food safe are reviewed.

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