Move Forward Radio: Life With Cerebral Palsy and Chronic Pain

Brittney Clouse is on a mission to “expose chronic illness to the mainstream culture,” and along the way she’s learning about herself, her life with cerebral palsy (CP), and, more recently, her chronic pain.

Clouse, 21, is a featured blogger for Cerebral Palsy News Today, where her “Living Life With CP” column appears regularly. Recently, Clouse was a guest on Move Forward Radio, APTA’s consumer-oriented podcast series from

In the interview, Clouse describes the ways she pushed herself to gain greater mobility with no assistive devices—at what she thinks is a cost. Clouse believes that her insistence on walking without the aid of a walker from age 10 to 15 (“I just wanted to get rid of it because I hated it”), may have contributed to the chronic pain she now experiences in her hip. “Sometimes I get a little jealous of the people who embraced their wheelchairs or their walkers early on, because I didn’t do that and now I have other struggles,” she tells Move Forward Radio.

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