MRI Shows Memory Changes Following Traumatic Brain Injury

MRI Shows Memory Changes Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Memory Changes After Traumatic Brain InjuryMR imaging demonstrates that mild traumatic brain injury affects working memory function, even if there is no obvious change in behavior, according to a small study published in the September issue of the journalRadiology.

Researchers in Taiwan studied the brain activation patterns of 20 patients who had experienced a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) within the previous month and 18 healthy control subjects. The goal was to analyze the brain patterns in response to tests of working memory.

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The subjects were assessed with functional MR imaging and all study participants underwent a series of tests involving number memory; digit span, a memory test for how many numbers a person can remember in a sequence; and a continuous performance test, which measures a person’s sustained and selective attention and impulsivity.

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