Choosing Wisely at 5: Is It Making a Difference (And What About the Next 5 Years)?

Five years into the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation’s “Choosing Wisely” campaign, most health care providers and consumers who’ve heard about it agree that the initiative has something important to say about avoiding unnecessary tests and procedures, including some associated with physical therapy. But has that awareness increased significantly, and does it translate into changes in behavior? Some say no—or at least not yet.

ABIM’s recently released special report on the first 5 years of the Choosing Wisely program characterizes the initiative as a sorely needed effort that is gaining momentum. Since its beginnings in 2012, the collection of ineffective and overused treatments and tests has expanded to 525 recommendations from more than 80 specialty society partners, according to ABIM. In 2014, APTA became the first nonphysician organization to contribute to Choosing Wisely when it released its list of “5 Things Physical Therapists and Patients Should Question.”

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Help Identify Physical Therapy’s ‘Top 5’ Unnecessary Procedures

APTA is asking its members to choose wisely in order to help consumers do the same.

This week, all APTA members were invited by e-mail to participate in a survey that will help the association identify the “top 5 things physical therapists (PTs) and patients should question,” for consideration to be included in the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s “Choosing Wisely” campaign. This high-profile effort aims to educate consumers on health care procedures that tend to be done frequently, yet whose usefulness is called into question by evidence.

APTA is among the first 3 non-physician provider organization to be invited to join the project, which is being promoted by Consumer Reports and has already garnered media attention.

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