#Fail? Study Says Physical Therapy’s Reach on Social Media Comes up Short

When it comes to using social media to promote the profession, physical therapy may be missing out: that’s the conclusion of a recent study that analyzed physical therapy-related tweets and found that, for the most part, Twitter discussions about the profession are occurring in an “echo chamber”—if they even rise to the level of a discussion in the first place.

The study, published in APTA’s journal PTJ (Physical Therapy), looked at a random sample of 1,000 tweets from a collection of 30,000 tweets gathered over a 12-week period. Researchers sorted out each message according to its author, intended audience, tone, and theme, and—when it occurred—the “pattern” of the twitter conversation, which includes shares as well as actual online exchanges. The collection was based on 9 search terms: physical therapy, physiotherapy, physical therapist, physiotherapist, #physicaltherapy, #physiotherapy, #physical therapist, #physiotherapist, and #physio. Hashtags associated with “known physical therapy campaigns,” such as APTA’s #ChoosePT, were not included in the searches.

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Latest News Reports Touch on Cost, Politics of Opioid Epidemic

As National Physical Therapy Month approaches in October, APTA continues to share its #ChoosePT message to help the public better understand how physical therapy can play a role in addressing pain and reducing opioid use. It’s a message that remains relevant, set against a news cycle that seems to add a new, often harrowing perspective on the opioid epidemic nearly every day.

Here’s a brief roundup of some recent notable reports and stories.

The prescription opioid epidemic has cost the US $78.5 billion.
Science Daily reports on a recent study that estimates the cost of the prescription epidemic at $78.5 billion, with about one-third of those costs related to health care, and one-fourth borne by the public sector.

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APTA Launches #ChoosePT Campaign to Battle Opioid Epidemic

One thing you can say about the opioid abuse epidemic: it doesn’t discriminate. The destructive power of the drugs, often first prescribed to treat pain, has been felt from rural to urban areas, across all social and economic classes, and from factory workers to one-of-a-kind music icons.

Already active in the battle against prescription opioid abuse and heroin use, APTA is now taking its efforts to the next level: a national campaign urging the public to consider physical therapy as a safe and effective alternative for the treatment of pain.

This week, APTA unveiled a broad public relations effort to educate consumers about the opioid epidemic and urge them to choose physical therapy (#ChoosePT) to manage pain without the risks of opioids. Housed at MoveForwardPT.com/ChoosePT, the campaign will unfold throughout 2016 and include national online advertising, TV and radio public service announcements, and other targeted advertising and media outreach.

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