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IOM on Board With Sharing Clinical Trial Data, But Sees ‘Significant Barriers’

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), there is little doubt that data from clinical trials should be shared easily and widely—but getting to that point is going to take some doing, and no small amount of money.

This week IOM released a report that supports efforts to increase access to data sets from clinical trials as a way to “enhance public well-being by accelerating the drug discovery and development process, reducing redundant research, and facilitating scientific innovation.” The report, which was developed after a call for comment early last year, asserts that the rate of medical advances could increase dramatically, and new ideas for research could germinate at a much faster rate through more easily accessed data.

However, the IOM report—characterized by its authors as “a practical and ethical framework to help stakeholders navigate this complex terrain”—makes 1 thing clear: the devil is in the details.

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‘Top 15’ Clinical Trials in Physical Therapy Released by PEDro

The “top 15” physical therapy clinical trials include 5 trials related to low back pain, and 1 trial on Bell palsy that dates back to 1958, according to a list based on nominations from physical therapists (PTs) around the world.

The list was developed by the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro), an Australia-based project and collaborative partner with PTNow, in celebration of its 15th anniversary. PEDro solicited nominations from PTs for the clinical trials that had the most impact on the field of physical therapy, then turned over those nominations to an expert panel for final selection.

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