Causes and treatments for pain in the arch of the foot

The arch of the foot is an area along the bottom of the foot between the ball and the heel. Pain in the arch of the foot is a common problem, especially among athletes.

The arch is made up of three separate arches that form a triangle. Each arch is made up of bones, ligaments, and tendons.

There are many potential causes of pain in the arch of the foot. Keep reading for more information on these causes, as well as the possible treatments.

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Foot osteoarthritis affects one in six over 50s

Experts at Keele University’s Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre studied more than 5,000 people with painful foot osteoarthritis.

The condition is caused by inflammation in and around the joints, damage to cartilage and swelling. People can suffer a range of symptoms including pain, stiffness and difficulty moving and often have osteoarthritis in other joints, such as hips or knees.

The study found that foot osteoarthritis affects more women than men, while those who have spent a lot of time in manual work are more likely to develop it.

Three-quarters of people with the condition reported having difficulty with simple day-to-day activities such as walking, standing, housework and shopping.

Dr Edward Roddy, clinical senior lecturer in rheumatology at Keele University, said the research had focussed on “midfoot” joints, which previous studies have neglected to do.

He said a “substantial proportion of people” with painful foot osteoarthritis have the problem in this area, meaning there has been a previous underestimate in how common it is.

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Physio: Cost of standing on two feet

Osteoarthritis Makes It Hard To Walk and StandOsteoarthritis is the most common disease affecting the joints of our body, particularly the hip joint.

We commonly see people in the clinic with complaints of morning or late afternoon stiffness and achy pain that increases at night.

Arthritic changes in the hip usually results in pain in the groin and buttock region that has gradually built up with no specific time of injury. Do you fit this description?

The ability to stand and walk on two feet gives us humans one of the most efficient ways of traveling out of any mammal on earth.

However, this genius is not without its side effects.

The hip joint is heavily used in daily life when we are walking, running, squatting, lifting, jumping and basically any other movement requiring the use of our legs. Therefore, you can imagine the amount of pressure put on our hips with the weight of our torsos bearing down on them with every movement.

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Ask the Doctor: Alleviating the Foot Pain From Running

Answers To Foot Pain From RunningThe question I received for this week comes from Rich:

I run about four times a week and sometimes have pain in the arch of my foot. It isn’t too bad, but it can cut my runs short. Any advice?

I work on quite a few runners, ranging from the recreational runner all the way to the IronMan athlete, and plantar fasciitis, along with knee and hip issues, is just one of the problems runners can develop.

The arch of our feet has fascia (connective tissue) that helps support the tendons, ligaments, and other small muscles in the bottom of our feet. During natural gait mechanics, as one foot takes the majority of our body weight, the foot actually lengthens a little and the plantar fascia is supposed to stretch as well. When the plantar fascia becomes too tight from overuse (or sometimes not enough use), it doesn’t like to lengthen and stretch with the rest of our foot. Over time, pain and swelling develop and it hurts every time we put weight on the affected foot.

Although I recommend getting this checked out by a health care professional, there are some simple things that can help alleviate the problem. 

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