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WCPT Award Nomination Deadlines Coming Soon

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) is seeking nominations for its awards program that honors physical therapists (PTs) who have contributed to the profession or global health at an international level. The WCPT deadline for nominations is August 31; however, nominations seeking support from APTA must be submitted to APTA staff by August 15.

There are 4 award categories open to nomination by WCPT’s member organizations, regions, or subgroups: the Mildred Elson Award, the International Service Award, the Humanitarian Service Award, and the Leadership in Rehabilitation Award. Descriptions of the awards and eligibility criteria can be found on WCPT’s awards webpage. Nomination forms are required for all submissions and can be obtained by contacting Rene Malone.

For more information on WCPT nominations, visit APTA

New PTNow Blog Starts the Conversation About Evidence in Practice

There’s a lot of talk out there about bringing evidence into practice. So how about a conversation?

APTA has launched a new blog on its PTNow.org website aimed at energizing thought and sparking dialogue about the role of evidence-informed practice in physical therapy. The blog will provide physical therapists (PTs) with a place to have ongoing discussions about how to move information synthesis into practice reality—from implementing changes in a patient-centered environment, to keeping up with the latest practice strategies, to finding out how other specialties are approaching the challenge.

The blog is intended to be provocative and dynamic: Readers are encouraged to react, engage, and share their own experiences and ideas.

Full story of PTNow blog at APTA

Looking For Evidence? Open the Door to PTNow ArticleSearch

For physical therapists (PTs) looking to put evidence into practice, life just got a little better: APTA has retooled one of its most popular evidence-based practice (EBP) resources to make it easier to find and more intuitive to use.

Open Door, the search tool that puts PTs in touch with the latest in EBP, has been relocated to PTNow.org and renamed PTNow ArticleSearch. PTNow ArticleSearch maintains all the functionality of Open Door, and allows APTA members to track favorite research topics, access APTA section journals, and analyze interventions through ProQuest’s Medical Evidence Matters service. All old links to Open Door will redirect to the new site.

More information on the renamed article search at APTA