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PTNow Blog: Hi- and Lo-Tech Solutions to Journal Club Challenges

So, maybe you think a journal club is a great idea, but it’s hard to meet with your peers, or maybe your immediate coworkers aren’t interested, or maybe there just isn’t enough time in the day. A new PTNow Blog Post makes the case that where there’s a will, there’s usually a (technologically assisted) way.

PTNow continues its discussion of journal clubs with a post that shares some creative ways to meet the logistical meeting challenges through online and hybrid learning platforms. The blog post covers options for real-time get-togethers that range from the good ol’ fashioned conference call to video and file sharing programs such as Google+ Hangouts, and touches on ways to set up a club when it’s impossible or inconvenient for members to meet at the same time. All options are easy to set up, and most are free.

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‘Top 15’ Clinical Trials in Physical Therapy Released by PEDro

The “top 15” physical therapy clinical trials include 5 trials related to low back pain, and 1 trial on Bell palsy that dates back to 1958, according to a list based on nominations from physical therapists (PTs) around the world.

The list was developed by the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro), an Australia-based project and collaborative partner with PTNow, in celebration of its 15th anniversary. PEDro solicited nominations from PTs for the clinical trials that had the most impact on the field of physical therapy, then turned over those nominations to an expert panel for final selection.

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New Guide to PT Practice Debuts as Online-Only Resource

The physical therapy profession’s preeminent guide to practice has taken on a new format, added new information and resources, updated others, and is now ready for use. The new online-only APTA Guide to Physical Therapist Practice offers more dynamic content while continuing to deliver the most comprehensive description of an evolving profession—and it’s free to the public for a very limited time.

“It was a long process, but we did want to get it right,” said Lisa Saladin, PT, PhD, who contributed to the revision of the Guide as former chair and current member of the Board Oversight Guide Work Group. In an APTA video dispatch, Saladin describes how the revisions moved from staff to volunteer subject matter experts to the work group. The end result: a “really dynamic” experience that will deliver current information, and allow users to dive more deeply into evidence-based practice resources and in-depth visual supports through direct online access to PTNow and other offerings. Users will “feel the similarities, but they’re going to see the differences,” Saladin said.

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Can’t Seem to Face Up to the Facts? Try This Psycho(metric) Killer Blog

Choosing appropriate tests and measures is a crucial component of evidence-based practice. But not all measurements are reliable—and even when they are, the test or measure might not have validity for certain uses or types of patients.

Reliable? Valid? That’s where psychometrics come in, via the PTNow blog.

The latest PTNow Blog takes readers through the third installment of its primer to understanding how tests and measures are tested and measured by tackling validity, a multifaceted concept that aims to find out if a given measure is measuring what it’s supposed to, how well, and for which populations.

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