Yoga’s physical, mental benefits touted

Yoga’s physical, mental benefits touted

Yoga Health BenefitsDon Ammon took up yoga 15 years ago as a way to combat the anxiety he felt as a result of his multiple sclerosis.

He didn’t anticipate getting a physical benefit as well.

Ammon, who was diagnosed with MS in 1991 and said he “was limping around with an AFO (ankle-foot orthotic) by 1995,” no longer needs the brace.

He credits yoga.

“It’s helped with focus and balance,” said Ammon, 49, of Monroeville. “I was able to strengthen the whole right side of my body. I’m more flexible, (and) I’m stronger now than I was then.”

Ammon said his last MS flare-up occurred in 2005, although he still deals with numbness in his hands and feet.

Dr. Betsy Blazek-O’Neill, medical director of the integrated medical program in Allegheny General alHospital, said Ammon’s isn’t an isolated case. She said yoga can benefit many people, no matter their age or condition.

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